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Clinical Excellence Awards 2021

21 Dec 2020

The ACCEA 2021 applications is now open. The 2021 application process follows a different format to previous years.

This year, there will be no additional forms for domains three, four and five, and no employer ratings for individual domains. However, the character limit has increased to 2,000 characters for each domain, plus a separate publication section of 1,350 characters in domain four.

The timetable is longer this year, with all applications to be submitted to the ACCEA by Thursday 18 March 2021. As with previous years, the responsibility for the online submission of the application to ACCEA rests firmly with the applicant.

ACCEA guidance is available on their website.


If you would like to be considered for RCS England support then email your completed ACCEA application forms, as an attachment, to by:

  • 4pm on Thursday 7 January 2021 for platinum awards;
  • 4pm on Friday 5 February 2021 for bronze, silver and gold awards.

Please note that this year ACCEA have made a significant change to the renewals process. Nominating bodies, such as the College, are no longer being invited to support renewal applications. If you are submitting a renewal application, please therefore submit only to ACCEA and not to the College.

Late applications will not be scored.

Further information

The RCS England is registered as a nominating body. The RCS England CEA committee comprises representatives across a wide range of specialties, plus a lay member. 

The RCS England would not normally provide support for local awards. For those considering applying at the BRONZE level you must consider carefully the implications of leaving any local award scheme. If you decide to apply nationally and wish to be considered by RCS England or your Surgical Specialty Association you will need to comply with the timetable of the sponsoring organisation.

If you are likely to move employer or retire in the next 18 months you should ask the ACCEA for their advice.

The ranking lists and citations which our organisations supply are considered to be important supplements to the evidence contained in the CVQs. It is encouraged you apply to both your specialist association and the RCS England for a place on their ranking list. If you wish both organisations to consider your application, you must send your CVQ to both organisations as we do not exchange CVQ information.

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