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The Pride in Surgery Forum (PRiSM) was formed in 2021 after a series of LGBTQ+ themed episodes on the RCS England podcast The Theatre sparked the creation of a formal network for LGBTQ+ surgeons and allies. The group held the landmark conference ‘Out at the College’ at RCS England in March 2022 and has since become formally affiliated with RCS England. 

We commit to reform in order to increase diversity, inclusivity and accountability in everything we do and every decision we make. Find out more information about what we are currently working on our new Diversity, equity and inclusion site.


We are a group of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies working towards cultural change in surgery. We will develop our network of LGBTQ+ individuals and allies; provide mentorship and pastoral support; produce inclusive policies and guidance; raise the visibility and profile of the surgical LGBTQ+ workforce; and perform outreach work with medical students and trainees to encourage them to pursue a surgical career. We will work with the College to ensure that its policies are inclusive, that any barriers to career advancement for LGBTQ+ surgeons and trainees are removed, and that RCS England is an inclusive employer.


We will achieve cultural change in surgery such that LGBTQ+ members of the surgical team are recognised and valued, their needs understood, and their identities respected. We will attain fair representation of LGBTQ+ individuals working within surgery; ensure they are treated equitably, without harassment or discrimination; and create a supportive environment in which they are safe to bring their whole selves to work. We will make surgery an inclusive specialty that is attractive and welcoming to the diverse surgeons of the future.

Our Values

Pride: We believe that showing pride for our community and our work will encourage others to join and support our efforts. We will approach our work with enthusiasm and build upon the work of those who came before us.

Respectful role models: We believe our committee and representatives should act as positive role models for our group and the wider LGBTQ+ community, showing respect for others and open-mindedness. We will offer positive and constructive engagement when working with the College, our network, and third parties, and when performing outreach work.

Inclusivity: We believe our work should be inclusive of all parts of the LGBTQ+ community and of individuals from a diverse range of backgrounds. We will approach issues using an intersectional lens, and collaborate with other EDI organisations where appropriate.

Diversity: We believe we work most effectively when we incorporate the full diversity of experience and ideas available within our community. We will ensure diverse representation within our committee and working groups.

Environmental sustainability: We believe our work should not disproportionately impact the environment. We will consider ways of reducing our environmental footprint, and ensure that any partnerships are with organisations whose actions are not significantly harmful to the environment.

Committee roles

Chair – Miss Ginny Bowbrick
Vice Chair – Mx Karen Chui
Treasurer – Mr Richard Brady
Secretary – Mr Jonny Evans

DEI Lead – Dr Xander Stephenson-Allen
Events Leads 2023 – Miss Ginny Bowbrick and Mr Christian Macutkiewicz
Publicity Lead – Dr Alex Ashman
Mentorship Lead – Mr Mark Bagnall
Wellbeing Lead – Miss Amy Garner
Wellbeing Support – Mr John Piedad
Outreach Lead – Mr Evripidis Tokidis
Outreach Support – Dr Matthew McMillan

Open seats – Mrs Phillipa Burns,  Mr Harvinder Mann, Ms Greta McLachlan, Mr William Neary and Ms Chloe Scott

ASiT LGBTQ+ Representative – Mr Dujan Bhatti
BOTA LGBTQ+ Representative – Mx Karen Chui
GLADD Representative – Dr Emily Moran
RCSEng LGBTQ+ Staff Network Representative – Rhea Folkers
RCSEng D&I Manager – Corriene Bailey-Bearfield

Social Media

Twitter: @PRiSM_Surgery 
Mastodon: @prismsurgery 
Instagram: @prismsurgery 


The Theatre Podcast – LGBTQ+ in Surgery episodes





Other Organisations

The following organisations also campaign on behalf of LGBTQ+ individuals in medicine and surgery.

(RCS England does not take responsibility for content on external sites.)

GLADD - The Association of LGBTQ+ Doctors and Dentists

Pride Ortho

Association of Out Surgeons and Allies




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