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Accredited Centres

Providing a quality mark for surgical education

A growing number of hospitals, medical organisations and medical equipment companies are providing a range of education courses for surgeons, both face-to-face and online. Centre accreditation is an award of excellence from the Royal College of Surgeons of England in recognition of outstanding surgery-related educational provision by a surgical education centre. The Royal College of Surgeons of England accredits more than 70 surgical education centres in the UK, mainland Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

The centres listed below went through a rigorous review of the entire surgical education centre, its facilities, resources and faculty, its education portfolio, and the infrastructure and quality management processes which underpin the design and delivery of its educational products.

Centre accreditation is only awarded where there is a clear demonstration of, and broad confidence in, each of these components.

Multinational Accredited Centres

CMR Surgical 

CMR Surgical is a British medical devices company based in Cambridge, UK. They offer robotic surgical training in Urology, Gynaecology, Upper GI, Colorectal and Thoracic surgery. The training, which is available for the entire surgical team, utilises Versius a soft tissue robotics device, which CMR manufacture.

Initially accredited June 2023. Accredited until June 2026.

Intuitive Global Professional Education & Program Services

Intuitive’s global training and education programme offers a comprehensive set of training courses for surgeons and other medical professionals using the da Vinci surgical system. Intuitive have developed a series of in-depth educational offerings including programmes focused on core technology as well as a progressive surgeon-led series focused on clinical skill advancement.

Intuitive is accredited globally across six regions, including the following ten training centres: 

  • Sunnyvale (California, USA)
  • Atlanta (Georgia, USA)
  • Oxford (UK)
  • Freiburg (Germany)
  • Bordeaux (France)
  • Seoul (South Korea)
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Taipei (Taiwan)
  • Shanghai (China)
  • Bangalore (India)

Initially accredited September 2022. Accredited until September 2025.


Smith+Nephew is a portfolio medical technology company focused on the repair, regeneration and replacement of soft and hard tissue. Learn more about their philosophy of ‘restoring people’s bodies and their self-belief by using technology to take the limits off living’ here.

Central to Smith+Nephew’s commitment to medical education and improving patient outcomes is providing a comprehensive accessible learning environment tailored to the needs of the healthcare professional. Through the S+N Academy centres in the USA, Singapore and Europe, they aim to educate Health Care Professionals around the world by surrounding them with leading-edge technology, clinical content and scientific data.

S+N Academy Online is the global medical education platform, which gives healthcare professionals and caregivers access the peer-to-peer scientific, education-based best practice; intended to deliver thought leadership and content across orthopaedic reconstruction, sports medicine, ENT, trauma and extremities, and wound management.

S+N Academy Online platform supports personalised learning journeys and educational pathways, with evolving libraries, educational resources and e-learning modules (including faculty-led techniques, surgical videos, expert lectures, panel discussions, clinical data, evidence literature, course information and access to online training such as live, on-demand webinars and virtual classrooms.

Smith+Nephew Medical Education under the global offering of Smith+Nephew Academy, is accredited globally across all regions, including the following centres:

  • Smith+Nephew Academy London (UK) - Main Centre
  • Smith+Nephew Academy Munich (Germany)
  • Smith+Nephew Academy Singapore (Singapore)
  • Smith+Nephew Academy Boston (USA)
  • Smith+Nephew Academy Memphis (USA)
  • Smith+Nephew Academy Phoenix (USA)
  • Smith+Nephew Academy Pittsburgh (USA)

The accreditation encompasses: 

  • Delivery of the education and training at the S+N Academy centres and in other locations by the same Medical Education organization.
  • Global Medical Education offering across the globe
  • Online Medical Education via digital learning platform (

Initially accredited January 2018. Accredited until December 2026.

Aesculap Academy

Aesculap Academy was founded in 1995, it developed into a globally recognised training institution. The network of knowledge covers Europe, Middle East & Africa, The Americas and Asia Pacific. Training courses are offered in 43 countries under the name and quality seal of the Aesculap Academy. The accreditation covers the Aesculap Academy’s education portfolio in surgery in all 43 countries.

The Aesculap Academy has its roots in the company B. Braun, which aims to protect and improve people’s health for more than 180 years.  The Aesculap Academy is B. Braun’s medical educational forum for all healthcare professionals. With their courses, hands-on trainings and symposia they help to honour their parent company’s promise of sharing expertise.

Initially accredited March 2019. Accredited until March 2026.


Medtronic is one of the world's largest surgical device companies with a diverse portfolio from Cardiac rhythm disease management, Spinal and biologics, Cardiovascular, Neuromodulation, Diabetes management to Surgical. The accreditation covers training in the following areas:

  • Medtronic Innovation Centres

  • Guided Learning Pathway (GLP) in the EMEA, APAC and LATAM regions.

Initially accredited October 2021. 


Stryker is a medical technology company founded in 1941 and operating in over 75 countries. The educational wing of the company delivers training aimed at all levels of healthcare, from nurses and operating room staff to senior consultants and key opinion leaders across multiple surgical disciplines. Stryker offers a variety of cadaveric courses and webinars along with symposia at congresses. The current educational offer covers:


  • Interventional Spine
  • Neurosurgical
  • Neurovascular
  • Surgical Technologies
  • Surgical Visualisation
  • Trauma and Extremities
  • Spine

Initially accredited September 2023. Accredited until September 2026.


Overseas Regional Accredited Centres

Johnson & Johnson Medical China

We accredit several centres in China as part of an ongoing relationship with Johnson & Johnson Medical China. Below is a list of all our currently accredited centres:

1. J&J Institute Shanghai

Initially accredited 2012. Accredited until November 2024.

2. J&J Institute Beijing.

Initially accredited 2012.  Accredited until November 2024. 

3. Hua Xi Minimally Invasive Surgery Training Institute.

Initially accredited 2013. Accredited until November 2025.

4. Nanjing Hospital and Medical University 

Initially accredited 2013. Accredited until December 2026. 

5. Nan Fang Hospital and Medical University.

Initially accredited 2014. Accredited until December 2026. 

6. Nanjing Training Centre of General Surgery.

Initially accredited 2014. Accredited until November 2021. 

7. Sir Run Run Shaw Hospital

Initially accredited 2015. Accredited until December 2024.

8. Henan Cancer Hospital Training Centre (Department of Thoracic Surgery) 

Initially accredited 2016. Accredited November 2025.

9. Johnson & Changhai Neuro Interventional Training Institute.

Initially accredited January 2019. Accredited until November 2024.

10. Shanghai Chest Hospital Training Centre.

Initially accredited December 2019. Accredited until November 2025. 

11. Shanghai Changzheng Hopital Orthopaedic Training Centre

Initially accredited December 2019. Accredited until November 2025.

12. Fujian Medical University Union Hospital Training Centre

Initially accredited November 2022. Accredited until November 2025.

13. Zhongshan Hospital University Training Centre

Initially accredited December 2023. Accredited until December 2026.

Zimmer Biomet Institute EMEA

Zimmer Biomet provides a world-class educational platform for professionals in musculoskeletal healthcare. Its diverse portfolio includes in-person and online medical education and training.

Accredited courses:

  • Extremities
  • Foot and ankle
  • Hip
  • Infection
  • Knee
  • ROSA
  • Spine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Trauma

Initially accredited November 2020. Accredited until December 2026.


INTUBATI EM is an international Training Centre based in Rome with a second headquarters in Florida, USA.  They offer training through interactive and immersive medical emergency simulations, supplemented by theoretical sessions, which allow members of the medical community to develop their skills in the field of Trauma and Emergency medicine.  Offered in Rome, the HITTER: Beyond Trauma course covers adult and paediatric emergencies on trauma, airway, cardiovascular emergency, and ECMO-ECPR, REBOA support.

Delivered by an international, multidisciplinary team who utilise a range of high-fidelity scenarios to provide as realistic as possible emergency experience for delegates.

Initially accredited June 2023. Accredited until June 2026.

Vasant & Nirmala Oswal (VNO) Centre For Post Graduate Training & Education

The VNO Centre is based on the 14th floor of the Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre (DMH), a multispecialty hospital located in the heart of Pune, within the state of Maharashtra in India. Pune is 90 miles from Mumbai. Founded in 2001, today it is one of the largest hospitals in Pune, with 800 beds.

The VNO centre was the first to be accredited in India for skill development courses in surgery.

List of courses:

  • Core Skills in Laparoscopic Surgery
  • Hands on course in Trans Oral Laser Surgery and Medialisation Thyroplasty
  • Core skills in Knee Arthroplasty
  • Core skills in Knee Arthroscopy
  • Core Skills in Shoulder Arthroscopy
  • Core Skills in RIRS
  • Hands on Course on Evaluation and Management of Swallowing Disorders
  • Hands on Surgical Course in Laryngotracheal Reconstruction

Initially accredited September 2023. Accredited until September 2026.

Orsi Academy

Orsi Academy specialises in the development, delivery and commercialisation of practical robotics training and courses for beginners through to advanced surgeons, healthcare professionals, medical devices industry and academics.

Initially accredited December 2021. Accredited until December 2024.

Olympus China Medical Training and Education Center (C-TEC), Guangzhou

The Olympus China Medical Training and Education Center (C-TEC) is the training base of the Olympus Medical Business Group in China, which offers training and education in endoscopy. The centre seeks to contribute in the promotion and penetration of endoscopy skills and minimally invasive skills (MIS) in China. There are three Training and Education Centres located in Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou.

Initially accredited June 2021. Accredited until June 2024.

Hong Ngoc General Hospital, Vietnam 

Hong Ngoc General Hospital, founded in Hanoi in 2003 is the first private primary healthcare model of its kind in Vietnam, providing quality healthcare and serving the community. The hospital includes five branches situated in different locations across the capital, with the newest state of the art facility opened in 2021.

The hospital operates in many health-related fields such as: medical examination and treatment, education and training, social work activities, and international cooperation.

Initially accredited March 2023. Accredited until March 2026.

Viet Duc University Hospital, Vietnam

Viet Duc University Hospital was established in 1902, in Hanoi. It is the largest surgical centre in Vietnam and specialises in the following major areas: medical care, scientific research, education and training, international cooperation, medical direction guidelines, medicine prevention and economic management.

Initially accredited February 2021. Accredited until February 2027. 

108 Military Central Hospital, Vietnam

Founded in 1951, 108 Military Central Hospital is a comprehensive multidisciplinary hospital and one of the five top-ranked national hospitals in Vietnam.

Initially accredited February 2021. Accredited until February 2027.

Orthofix Academy

Orthofix Academy is an ever-evolving institution working with a team of clinicians and researchers in an ongoing process designed to develop knowledge that can be implemented in professional practice. The educational provision includes in-person and remote training activities, practical sessions in wet and dry labs, peer-to-peer debates, interactive clinical discussions, publications, and research projects.

Accredited courses:

Level 1 (Fundamental), Level 2 (Intermediate) and Level 3 (Masterclasses) in:

  • Foot and Ankle
  • Paediatrics
  • Limb Reconstruction
  • Trauma

Initially accredited November 2020. Accredited until December 2026.

Incision Academy

Incision Academy are a provider of an online educational platform for surgical trainees, surgeons and other members of the wider surgical care team.

Participants are guided through the surgical procedures in a step-by-step manner, which are supported by 2D and 3D visualisations. All procedures have objectives, preoperative, postoperative and anatomy components.

Initially accredited April 2017. Accredited until June 2026.

IMMAST (Institute of Medical and Minimal Access Surgery Training) Mumbai, India

IMMAST is a not-for-profit academic initiative based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It is run by doctors for doctors, with the purpose of skilling Health Care Practitioners (HCP) to ensure the advancement and progress of Medical and Minimal Access Surgery in a structured manner in every discipline.

IMMAST is one of the most advanced centres that aims to elevate the skills of the HCPs but also give them the confidence and motivation to embrace, practice and master the art of newer techniques and technologies, including Minimal Access Surgery.

The centre offers hands-on training on near-life animal models, using in-vivo and ex-vivo tissue.

Initially accredited March 2020. Accredited until March 2026.

Egyptian Military Medical Academy

The Egyptian Military Medical Academy (MMA) was established in 1979, it oversees the implementation and modernisation of the qualifying and training methods for the Armed Forces Medical staff.

Since 1979, the MMA has aimed to educate, train and qualify healthcare professionals including physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nursing staff and physiotherapists from Egypt, Arab and African countries. This education and training is not restricted to those in the services but extends to non-military applicants through collaborations with leading universities.


The accreditation includes the Naval Hyperbaric Medical Institute and Egyptian Aeromedical Institute.

Initially accredited December 2019. Accredited until March 2026.

University of Sharjah (Medical)

The CSTC provision includes medical imaging/radiology courses as well as basic and advanced training courses in emergency medicine.

Initially accredited in January 2018. Accredited until March 2024.

Great Eastern Medical School (GEMS) Srikakulam, India

GEMS is based in Srikakulam, Ragolu, India. It was established in 2004 and is a not-for-profit one thousand bed hospital, primarily taking care of the below poverty line population in and around the district. They currently have an undergraduate intake of 150 students per year and a postgraduate intake of approximately 85 students per year. Students live on campus and work shifts at the hospital, covering the full 24-hour service. They have an intensive Care Unit, 15 fully equipped operating theatres and laboratories and provide 24/7 emergency care.

Initially accredited February 2024. Accredited until February 2027.

UK Accredited Centres

Newcastle Surgical Training Centre (NSTC)


The Newcastle Surgical Training Centre offers a wide range of multidisciplinary courses, combining didactic teaching and practical procedures in a purpose built facility. The Centre researches new surgical techniques and delivers over 200 advanced training courses from regional, national and international surgeons representing multiple specialties.

Initially accredited July 2016. Accredited until June 2025.

The ICENI Centre

The ICENI Centre is part of East Suffolk and North Essex Foundation Trust – one of the largest trusts in the East of England. The ICENI Centre’s facilities and training are available to a wide target audience – from aspiring NHS employees of the future to today’s undergraduates and clinicians on a career pathway from FY1 through to senior consultants, nurses, midwives and allied health professionals. Courses cover a wide range of areas, including orthopaedics, urology, and non-technical skills.

Initially accredited November 2013. Accredited until March 2027.

The Minimal Access Therapy Training Unit (MATTU)

Created in 1995, the Minimal Access Therapy Training Unit [MATTU] was one of three original centres in the United Kingdom to be awarded recognition and funding by the government in conjunction with The Royal College of Surgeons of England and the Wolfson Foundation.

The centre offers training in all aspects of laparoscopic/open surgery. It obtained a Human Tissue Licence in 2006 and regularly runs cadaveric training workshops in orthopaedic and ENT surgery.

Initially accredited in July 2014. Accredited until June 2025.

University College Hospital Education Centre

Opened in 2008, The UCH Education Centre facilities provide opportunities for healthcare professionals at every level to learn, enhance and optimise their clinical skills and medical knowledge through experiential learning. Whether the aim is to demonstrate pioneering surgical techniques, master minimal access procedures or simply improve routine clinical practice and patient management, UCH Education Centre supports continuing medical education using leading-edge technologies and methods.

Accredited courses:

  • Basic Knee Arthroscopy;
  • Train the Trainer;
  • Enhancing Communication and Feedback Skills;
  • Practical Preparation for Orthopaedic ST3 Interviews;
  • Hands-on Gynaecological Laparoscopy Course.

Initially accredited June 2017. Accredited until June 2024.

Peninsula Dental School, Plymouth

Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry has developed a number of postgraduate education programmes aimed at general dentists. These programmes deliver education through blended learning, allowing practitioners to work part-time in practice, while also attending days within the School of Dentistry and undertaking self-directed learning. The programmes provide education at Masters level, allowing practitioners to choose their desired exit level of award.

Initially accredited January 2018. Accredited until February 2027.

Edge Hill University Surgical Education Centre

Edge Hill University, St Helens Road, Ormskirk, Lancashire, L39 4QP

Initially accredited July 2018. Accredited until July 2027

The Edge Hill University Surgical Education Centre accreditation includes most of the pathways of the university's MCh Master of Surgery and all of the MSc Surgical Care Practice programmes.

West Midlands Surgical Training Centre

The West Midlands Surgical Training Centre (WMSTC) is a training facility within University Hospitals Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, benefiting from its clinical expertise and resources. It supports all specialities learning to perform operations on human cadavers; either trainees learning basic principles, or expert consultants learning new techniques.

The West Midlands Surgical Training Centre trains thousands of surgeons and allied health professionals, many from abroad, and currently provides more than 200 courses per annum for surgeons, surgical trainees, doctors and allied health professionals.

Initially accredited in July 2018. Accredited until 2025. 

Cambridge Postgraduate Medical and Simulation Centres

The Cambridge Postgraduate Medical and Simulation Centres were originally accredited in 2018 and incorporates the delivery of medical education at its two sites, the Simulation Centre based in Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge and an interim facility on the Addenbrooke’s site, where some of the smaller cadaveric courses are delivered. The centre opened its new Cambridge Digital Health and Surgical Training Centre in 2023.

The centre provides a wide range of courses for surgeons to learn and perfect their techniques on cadaveric material, while also offering training in minimally invasive and open surgery.

Initially accredited July 2018. Accredited until June 2027.

Touch Surgery (Digital Surgery)

A surgical simulation platform owned by Medtronic, with more than 200 surgical simulations across 14 specialties. All are available for free through iOS and Android apps. 

Initially accredited in June 2019. Accredited until June 2025.

University of Central Lancashire (UCLan)


This accreditation covers UCLan's postgraduate offering in a range of surgery-related programmes that are open to clinicians from all grades and experience. The School of Medicine’s provision spans across three centres in Preston, Burnley and Westlakes.

Initially accredited September 2019. Accredited until September 2025.

Medical Education, Leeds

Medical Education Leeds delivers programmes across a broad range of clinical specialties in one of the largest and most complex healthcare organisations in England. The Clinical Skills and Simulation Team, which sits within Medical Education Leeds, designs and delivers surgical courses to meet the needs of cross-specialty trainees throughout their careers. Medical Education Leeds provides teaching at three sites:

Covers teaching at three sites:

  • Leeds General Infirmary
  • The Clinical Skills and Simulation Centre, St James' Hospital
  • the Cadaveric Simulation Lab at the University of Leeds

Accredited courses:

  • The Urology Simulation Boot Camp
  • Central Venous Catheter insertion course
  • Leeds Seldinger Chest drain course
  • Leeds Implantable Devices for Surgical Skills
  • Bridging the Gap Essential Surgical Skills
  • Lumbar Puncture and Diagnostic Paracentesis course
  • Laparoscopic Nephrectomy course

Initially accredited June 2019. Accredited until September 2025.

Tipton Training

Tipton Training has been delivering Post Graduate Training Courses for over 29 Years. During this period, it has successfully trained over 3,500 delegates. Tipton Training’s mission is to be a responsible dental training organisation delivering a high-quality training and patient experience that leads to the professional development of dentists.

Accredited courses:

  • PG Certificate in Restorative Dentistry;
  • PG Certificate in Operative Dentistry;
  • PG Certificate in Aesthetic Dentistry;
  • PG Certificate in Dental lmplantology;
  • PG Certificate in Advanced Dental lmplantology;
  • PG Diploma in Prosthodontics;
  • PG Diploma in Aesthetic Dentistry;
  • PG Diploma in Restorative Dentistry;
  • PG Diploma in Implant Prosthodontics;
  • PG Diploma in Dental lmplantology.

Initially accredited in July 2019. Accredited until June 2025.

Clockwork Medical

Clockwork Medical began running orthopaedic conferences in 2006 and has steadily grown its portfolio of events focused in the Trauma and Orthopaedics sector. Clockwork Medical primarily manages these events' organisation and administration, using consultant surgeons as convenors to provide the clinical knowledge to approach faculty and decide the programme. Each event is given a web page with its own branding, with programme, faculty and course materials available online pre-course.

Accredited courses and events:

  • British Indian Orthopaedic Society Conference (BIOSCON)
  • Knee Debate Worcester
  • Patellofemoral Masterclass
  • Bristol Hip Arthroplasty Course
  • Wexham Park International Cruciate Ligament Meeting
  • Unicompartmental Knee Arthritis Symposium
  • British Patellofemoral Society Annual Meeting
  • Biological Knee Society Annual Meeting
  • Orthopaedic Trauma Society Annual Meeting
  • London Osteotomy Masterclass
  • Northern Osteotomy Masterclass
  • Sports Hip Surgery
  • Sports Knee Surgery
  • The Great Debate
  • Basingstoke Knee Osteotomy Masterclass

Initially accredited March 2020. Accredited until March 2026.

The ATACC Group (Anaesthesia, Trauma and Critical Care)

The Anesthesia Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC) Group was established in 1998, initially for the delivery of their flagship ATACC course. The course runs four times a year at an air base in Lincolnshire with sets for mass casualty simulations, such as multi-carriage train crashes.

They have expanded into other courses and now deliver a variety of first aid, clinical and medical education courses.

Accredited courses:

  • First aid Trauma and Casualty Care (FTACC) (Emergency)
  • First aid Trauma and Casualty Care (FTACC)
  • Basic Trauma and Casualty Care (BTACC)
  • Rescue Trauma and Casualty Care (RTACC)
  • RTACC Police (Enhanced First Aid Skills - D13/F3)
  • Nurse Trauma and Critical Care (NTACC)
  • Anaesthetic Trauma and Critical Care (ATACC)

Initially accredited May 2020. Accredited until June 2026.


OrthOracle is an online resource for professionals delivering orthopaedic surgical care. It offers high-resolution professional digital photographs from actual procedures, step by step, with text written by experienced surgeons, open access orthopaedic journals, sit courses on operative techniques, and an opportunity to add your own exportable notes.

Initially accredited July 2017. Accredited until June 2026.

Anglia Ruskin University

Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) has campuses in Chelmsford, Cambridge, Peterborough and London. The accredited courses listed below fall within their Schools of Allied Health and Medicine faculty, which has facilities in both Chelmsford and Cambridge. The majority of programmes are based in Chelmsford. However, the Operating Department Practice programme has cohorts in both Chelmsford and Cambridge.

Both campuses have skills laboratories for students and also theatre simulation.

Accredited courses:

  • BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice (Apprenticeship)
  • BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice
  • MSc Surgical Care Practice
  • L6 Surgical First Assistant
  • MCH Urology

Initially accredited May 2020. Accredited until June 2026.


FundamentalVR is a healthcare technology company that offers a range of skills and training experiences that facilitate remote and immersive medical training within a virtual reality (VR) environment.

Accredited procedures:

  • Spinal Pedicle Screw
  • Total Knee Arthroplasty
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty (Posterior)
  • Total Hip Arthroplasty (Anterior)
  • Facetectomy

Initially accredited June 2020. Accredited until June 2026.

BD Health


BD health

BD (Beckton Dickenson) is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. BD acquired BARD in 2017. BD leads in patient and healthcare worker safety and the technologies that enable medical research and clinical laboratories.

The company provides healthcare solutions that help advance medical research and genomics, enhance the diagnosis of infectious diseases and cancer, improve medication management, promote infection prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures and support the management of diabetes.

Initially accredited June 2020. Accredited until June 2026.


Arthrex is a global medical device company and leader in new product development and medical education in orthopaedics.

Founded by orthopaedic surgeon Reinhold Schmieding in the Olympic Village in Munich around the time of the first Arthroscopic Surgery in 1981, the company’s original philosophy of ‘Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better’ remains to this day.

The accreditation relates to UK training which is delivered in Arthrex’s multi-million pound Medical Education Centre in Solihull.

Accredited courses:

  • Knee Fellowship Forum
  • Knee Masterclass (Cruciate and Collateral Ligament Management)
  • Knee Masterclass (Preservation)
  • Shoulder Fellowship Forum
  • Shoulder Masterclass
  • Shoulder Masterclass (Shoulder Preservation)
  • Shoulder Arthroplasty Masterclass
  • Hip Masterclass
  • Foot and Ankle Fellowship Forum 
  • Foot and Ankle Masterclass
  • International Trauma Course
  • International ACP Treatment Training
  • ACP – Spine Treatment Training 

Initially accredited November 2020. Accredited until December 2026.

Inovus Medical

Inovus Medical provides the hardware and software platforms to allow simulation and training centres around the country to hold both face-to-face and remote surgical training. They connect both trainees and faculty through a system that allows for objective metrics and performance tracking, including video recording and the ability to give subjective comments from faculty prior to completion of formal assessments.

The accreditation covers: 

LapPass modules:

  • Grasping and manipulation
  • Tying extracorporeal Roeder knots and placing them to stimulate an appendicectomy
  • Cutting and accurate disc
  • Suturing/creating surgical knots under slight tension

General surgery modules: 

  • Appendicectomy
  • Cholecystectomy
  • Bowel Anastomosis

Gynaecology modules: 

  • Salpingostomy
  • Myomectomy
  • Hysterectomy

Initially accredited June 2022. Accredited until June 2025.

The Griffin Institute

The Griffin Institute offers a wide range of educational opportunities for healthcare professionals starting at undergraduate level up to consultant and including all related practitioners. Their facilities include a fully equipped robotic suite, a minimal access surgery training room, two operating theatres and a CT room. Training courses are offered in the following specialties:


  • Basic and advanced Microsurgery
  • ALSGBI Basic Robotic Surgical Skills
  • BIARGS Basic Robotic Surgical Skills
  • BIARGS Advanced Robotic Gynaecology Surgical Anatomy Skills
  • TGI Cadaveric Workshop for Laparoscopic Upper GI Surgery
  • TGI Cadaveric Workshop for Laparoscopic Lower GI Surgery
  • Emergency trauma: Stop the Bleed
  • Laparoscopic management of biliary calculi
  • Endoscopic submucosal dissection
  • Cadaveric workshop on laparoscopic liver resection
  • Cadaveric workshop on pelvic exenteration
  • Cadaveric total laparoscopic hysterectomy
  • Transanal minimal invasive surgery

Initially accredited September 2022. Accredited until September 2025.

Kingsbridge Training Academy

Kingsbridge Training Academy is a centre based in Belfast that provides high quality courses to all levels of the healthcare, education, and corporate sectors. It was created to enable local healthcare professionals the opportunity to develop within their career and minimise the time away from clinical work. In addition to running RCS England courses Basic Surgical Skills (BSS) and Care of The Critically Ill Surgical Patient (CCRiSP) they have developed their own courses, such as GP Minor Surgery and a Minor Suturing Workshop.

Initially accredited March 2023. Accredited until March 2026.



If you have any queries about Surgical Education Centre accreditation that are not covered in our frequently asked questions, please contact the Quality Assurance Department at or on 020 7869 6000.

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