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Recover more quickly

Get Well Soon

Helping you to make a speedy recovery after nasal septoplasty

Things that will help you recover more quickly

Eat healthily

Fresh fruit and vegetables will help to ensure that your body has all of the nutrients it needs to heal. This is important even though you may not feel like eating because of a temporary loss of taste and smell due to the blocked nose.

Stop smoking

By not smoking – even if it’s just for the time that you’re recovering – you immediately start to improve your circulation and your breathing, not to mention a whole list of other benefits to the heart and lungs. This is a good time to give up, as you often don’t feel like smoking for a week or two after the surgery!

Family and friends

Family and friends can give you two important things:

  • Practical help with the tasks you might be temporarily unable to do in the first day or so – such as driving, the weekly shop, or lifting heavier items.
  • Keeping your spirits up!

Keep a routine

Get up at your normal time in the morning, get dressed, move about the house. If you get tired, you can rest later.

Build up gradually

Have a go at doing some of the things you’d normally do, but build up gradually. Some suggestions are included in the recovery tracker. Obviously everyone recovers at a different speed, so not all of the suggestions will be suitable for everybody.

When you’re building up your activities you probably won’t feel like doing much exercise in the first few days, but walking is the best way to return to fitness before resuming your normal activities. If you feel pain, you have probably just overdone it a little. Ease back on your activities and then gradually increase them again. If you are concerned, consult your GP.

If you live alone, and you don’t have family or friends living close by, organise support in advance.

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