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Recover more quickly

Get Well Soon

Helping you to make a speedy recovery after cataract surgery

Things that will help you recover more quickly

Use your post-operative eye drops regularly

You will have been given some eye drops to put into your eye several times a day for the next four weeks. These eye drops are to help protect the eye against infection and to stop inflammation. It is very important to use the drops exactly as prescribed.  If you have difficulty putting the drops in yourself you will need to ask for help.

Eat healthily

A healthy balanced diet containing a variety of foods, including plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, will help to ensure that your body has all of the nutrients it needs to heal.

Stop smoking

By not smoking, even if it’s just for the time that you’re recovering, you immediately start to improve your circulation and your breathing, not to mention a whole list of other benefits to the heart and lungs. In addition, not smoking improves the healing process itself. This is a good time to give up!

Family and friends

Family and friends can give you practical help with the tasks you might be temporarily unable to do in the first day or so - such as driving, or the weekly shop. They may also be able to help you put your drops in regularly.

Keep a routine

Get up at your normal time in the morning, get dressed, and move about the house.

Build up gradually

Your cataract operation will not normally prevent you from doing any of your normal activities. Today’s modern operation, with a very small incision into your eye, means that it is perfectly safe to bend and lift. Your vision will often be much better immediately, even without glasses.

The lens placed into your eye will most commonly have a fixed focus. Most patients choose to have this set for distance. You may therefore find that while distance vision is clear, you will still need reading glasses. Your eye will not be ready for new custom-made glasses until 4 weeks after surgery, but you can use the cheap, ready readers available in most chemists as soon as you like.

Walking is the best way to support returning to fitness. Normal activities and exercise should not cause you any pain. If you are concerned, consult your GP or call NHS Direct.

If you live alone, and you do not have family or friends living close by, organise support in advance.

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